I like to post the different parts of the van conversion. Mostly I will try to document the several steps. Not sure if I will not forget to film and take pictures during I’m fighting with some challenges.

As this van van shell run in Germany and Europe, I need to stuck to the German rules for cars, trucks or RVs. And there are a lot of rules. Some are related to the overall weight (max 3,5 t incl. everything and driver), cooking, bed, chairs or benches, table. All parts you are adding to the vehicle, like windows vents etc. need to be TÜV proven. So this is one part of the challenge.

The other is the pure building part. As engineer this should be doable, I thought. What a pity that I’m more a kind of digital engineer and not a mechanical one.

Planned Steps:

  1. Remove existing walls and parts
  2. Clean everything, remove rust and add coating for protection
  3. Add floor and floor insulation
  4. Insulation at everywhere
  5. Plumbing (all water related stuff incl. tank, pipes, sink, toilet and the shower)
  6. Wiring (all electrical stuff incl. batteries, solar, loader, lights, etc.)
  7. Building furniture (Benches, table, kitchen counters, wall, etc.)
  8. Add accessories (fridge, induction, monitor)